Halloween Sounds of Horror

Halloween Sounds of Horror EntertainmentFree
Release date: 19 July 2014

Free spooky sound effects to keep your family and friends entertained during Halloween.

Supports smartphones and tablets.


  • Free!
  • 18 high quality sound effects: Poltergeist, Evil Laugh, Zombie Wants Your Brains, Scary, Halloween Vocals 1, Halloween Vocals 2, Hell, Spooky Water Drops, Maniacal Witch Laugh, Howling Wolves, Freaky Movie Scene, Dark Laugh, Demon Girl, Extreme Horror FX, Demon and Zombie Ambiance, Scary Demon Haunting, Zombie Attack, and Monster Snarling.
  • Creepy and atmospheric image accompanies each sound effect.
  • Favorites function to create your own custom list of sounds in any order.
  • Non-stop play. Perfect for event and party.