Japanese Orchestral Collection

Japanese Orchestral Collection EntertainmentFree
Release date: 15 October 2014

A collection of ten modern Japanese orchestral pieces to enjoy. These have been carefully-selected to offer a range of styles, from the smooth flute and piano melody of “Calm Time” to the quirky sounds of “Suspicious Dance Party”.
Choose the ones you like most for your own Favorites playlist within the app, or set one as a ringtone for your phone. With the timer function you can set the music to stop after a set period of time.

Supports smartphones and tablets.


  • Free!
  • 10 songs: Formidable Enemy, Memory, With Great Determination, City of Water, Calm Time, Emptiness and Silence, Smile and Tears, Killing Time, Shadow of Mastermind, and Suspicious Dance Party.
  • Full-screen image provided for each song.
  • Favorites function: create and play your own list of favorite songs.
  • Option for consecutive play of songs.
  • Timer function allows play-back for the preset length of time you wish.
  • Set any song as your default ringtone.