Piano Melody Collection

Piano Melody Collection EntertainmentFree
Release date: 17 October 2014

This collection contains 9 songs of atmospheric piano music written by Japanese composers.

The cheerful “Classroom of Spring” is sure to have you tapping along with it, while the “Meaning of Tears” undergoes a transformation from a mood of reflection to end with hope. See the list further below for details of all tunes.

The app allows you to set one as a ringtone, and choose the ones you like most for your own Favorites list. With the timer function you can also automatically stop playing the music after a set period of time.

Supports smartphones and tablets.


  • Free!
  • 9 songs to enjoy:
    ♪ I Wanted To Know You: a slower piece about the bitter-sweet feeling of missed opportunity.
    ♪ Let’s Trudge Along: a piece with a recurring main theme, describing steady walking on a long journey.
    ♪ Classroom of Spring: a light-hearted tune with percussion backing.
    ♪ La La La Ragtime: a cheerful ragtime piece.
    ♪ Puzzle: a powerful tune ending on a note of mystery.
    ♪ Closure Love: a pretty melody of love that must remain secret.
    ♪ Meaning of Tears: this tune tells the story of tears that have been shed, gradually turning to resolve to go forward with a positive attitude.
    ♪ Entertainment Committee: a simple upbeat tune with light percussion joining along the way.
    ♪ Discarded Cat In The Rain: this piece evokes an image of raindrops falling lightly on a bedraggled cat in the rain.
  • Full-screen image provided for each song.
  • Favorites function: create and play your own list of favorite songs.
  • Option for consecutive play of songs.
  • Timer function allows play-back for the preset length of time you wish.
  • Set any song as your default ringtone.