Realistic Applause Sounds

Realistic Applause Sounds EntertainmentFree
Release date: 21 August 2014

A collection of entertaining and high-quality applause sound effects – from the sound of a single person clapping without enthusiasm through to the cheering of a crowd at a large-scale sports event. The Favorites List feature makes it easy to customize your own selection of sounds.

Supports smartphones and tablets.


  • Free!
  • 10 realistic sounds: Applause before speech, Enthusiastic standing ovation, Auditorium applause, Fake applause, Town hall applause, Crowd reaction at fireworks finale, Short crowd cheer, Sports crowd applause, Kids cheerleading, and Single clap.
  • Full-screen image provided for each sound.
  • Favorites list: create your own set of favorite sounds.
  • Non-stop play option.