Realistic Siren and Horn Sounds

Realistic Siren & Horn Sounds EntertainmentFree
Release date: 28 July 2014

Free realistic sounds of sirens, horns and alarms to keep your family and friends entertained.

Supports smartphones and tablets.


  • Free!
  • 18 realistic sounds: Tornado siren, Ambulance siren (USA), Ambulance siren (Japan), Police car siren, Fire truck siren, Air horn, Warning siren, Asian air raid siren, Smoke alarm, Missile alert, Siren noise, School fire alarm, Mandatory evacuation, Annoying alarm clock, Intruder alert, Honk horn, Industrial alarm, and Car alarm.
  • Full-screen image provided for each sound.
  • Favorites list: create your own set of favorite sounds.
  • Non-stop play option. Perfect for pranks!